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"Suomalais-ugrilainen kansa tahtoi elää"
"The Finno-Ugric People Wanted to Live"

Finnish and Related People's History, Culture and Language

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Huge maps, culture, history, pictures, language, literature, music, songs, business, news:
  • Finno-Ugric People
  • Historical Maps showing original Finno-Ugric place names
  • Story From Seven Brothers (in a sauna) by Alexis Kivi
  • Early Finno-Ugric and Finnish History
  • Finno-Ugric place names based on the root "sum" and "sam"
  • Finno-Ugric Cooperation Today
  • Perm / Karelian Power and decline in 13th Century
  • Classification of Uralic Languages
  • Kalevala Land of Heroes
  • Finnish Sauna Culture
  • Finland at war: WW2: Winter War and Continuation War
  • Human Rights and Religion
  • Cultural Topics
  • Selection of Finnish History, Literature and Movies
  • Uralic City Center - where you can find books, CDs, Videos etc.
  • Finnish Song Book - words and scores

  • Uralic People

      Karelian/Finnish Food
    All nationalities have their specialties. The Finns make the best, and the most varieties of rye bread. Rye bread plus a few other favorites Search Recipes
    Historical background on Finnish Bread.
    And you've got to try the Karelian Pie.

    Yle Radio Finland - news/music
    Finnish Newspapers in Finland
    Finnish Newspapers abroad
    Etusivu Finnish Link Resource
    Finland on the Internet
    Lokarin Linkit - USA/Finnish Site
    Vapaa Suomi - Free Finland (Fin.)
    Learn Finnish
    Opi Suomea
    Learning Finnish links
    Finland in a nutshell.
    Finland Trade
    Finnish Customs
    Kalevala in Finnish
    Karelia Klubi
    Karelian Language Site
    Tie Karjalaan - Road to Karelia (good links)
    Site dedicated to Karelia
    Finno-Ugric and related:
    Finno-Ugrian heritage in Russia
    Uralic and Finno-Ugric Resources - Finland
    Uralic and Finno-Ugric Resources - Estonia
    Saami of Lapland
    Estonian Institute
    Learn Estonian
    Endangered Languages
    Dictionaries of the world
    Alta Vista Translator
    Intertran Text Translator
    Uralic Dictionary
    Estonian - English - Estonian Dictionary
    Comparison of Hungarian and Finnish
    Find your roots
    Genealogical Society of Finland
    Finns in America:
    Sointula B.C., Canada
    Finnish Emigration
    Finnish American Organizations
    Books about Finns

    University of Victoria, Canada CFUV 101.9 (Pirkko)
    Finnish Artist, Home
    Music Page: Karelian, Finnish and International
    Finnish Songbook

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    Resources such as song lyrics and short miscellaneous translations, which are given free of charge for
    educational purposes, constitute "fair use" as provided for under US copyright law Section 107.
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