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Frontpage 2000 : The Complete Reference
(Complete Reference Series)
by Martin S. Matthews, Erik B. Poulsen

The MFC Answer Book; Solutions for
Effective Visual C++ Applications

Sam's Publishing 
The C++ Programming Language (Special 3rd Edition) by Bjarne Stroustrup
The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Referenceby Nicolai M. Josuttis
Sams Teach Yourself Database Programming with Visual C++ in 21 Days
Lyn Robison Sams Date Published: Nov 12, 1998 ISBN: 0672313502
Waite Group's Object,Oriented Progrramming in C++, Third Edition Robert Lafore / Sams Date Published: Nov 25, 1998 ISBN: 157169160X
Waite Group's C++ Primer Plus, Third Edition Stephen Prata / Sams
Date Published: Sep 4, 1998 ISBN: 1571691626
Visual C++ 6 Unleashed Lars Klander / Sams / Date Published: Dec 11, 1998
ISBN: 0672312417

Additional Sources of Books, Software and magazines.
Standard C Date/Time Library : Programming the World's Calendars and Clocks,

            Lance Latham $39.96
TWG's C Programming Using Turbo C++, 2E Sams
Date Published: Oct 26, 1993 ISBN: 067230399X
Turbo C++ Programmingin 12 Easy Lessons BORLAND INTERNATIONAL, INC. Sams Date Published: Aug 24, 1994 ISBN: 0672305232
Tom Swan's Mastering Borland C++ 5, Third Edition Sams
Date Published: May 15, 1996 ISBN: 0672308029
Database Developer's Guide with Borland C++ 5, Second Edition Scott Walters / Sams/ Date Published: May 9, 1996 ISBN: 0672308002
VISUAL C++ IN 12 EASY LESSONS Sams / Sams / Date Published: Sep 11,1995
ISBN: 0672306379
Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, Premier Edition Jesse Liberty Sams /
Date Published: Mar 19, 1996 ISBN: 0672308878
Visual C++ 4 Unleashed Viktor Toth / Sams / Date Published: Jan 12, 1996
ISBN: 0672308746
Essential Visual C++ 4 Sams / Date Published: Oct 19, 1995 ISBN: 0672307871
Teach Yourself More C++ Programming in 21 Days JESSE LIBERTY / Sams /
Date Published: Sep 1, 1995 ISBN: 0672306573
Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ 4 in 21 Days Nathan Gurewich; Od Gurewich Sams / Date Published: Sep 1, 1995 ISBN: 0672307952
Teach Yourself Borland C++ in 21 Days, Third Edition Craig Amush Sams /
Date Published: Sep 1, 1995 ISBN: 0672307561
Teach Yourself Turbo C++ for Windows in 21 Days CRAIG ARNUSH / Sams/
Date Published: Mar 10, 1995 ISBN: 0672307278
Charlie Calvert's C++ Builder 3 Unleashed. CHARLIE CALVERT / Sams
Date Published: Jun 15, 1998 ISBN: 0672312654
Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 Days, Complete Compiler Edition
Davis Chapman / Sams / Date: Published: Oct 8, 1998 ISBN: 0672314037
Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ in 24 Hours
Mickey Williams / Sams / Date Published: Feb 13, 1998 ISBN: 0672312425
Sams Teach Yourself Borland C++ Builder 3 in 21 Days
Kent Reisdorph Sams / Date Published: Feb 13, 1998 ISBN: 0672312662
Visual C++ Developer's Guide David Bennett et al Sams/
Date Published: Sep 18, 1997 ISBN: 0672310317
Visual C++ 5 Unleashed, Second Edition Viktor Toth / Sams/
Date Published: Jun 13, 1997 ISBN: 0672310139
Charlie Calvert's Borland C+ Builder Unleashed Charles Calvert /Sams
Date Published: May 12, 1997 ISBN: 0672310228
Sams Teach Yourself Borland C++ Builder in 21 Days Kent Reisdorph / Sams
Date Published: Mar 11, 1997 ISBN: 0672310201
DAVIS CHAPMAN Sams Date Published: Aug 4, 1998 ISBN: 0672312409
Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 24 Hours MICKEY WILLIAMS Sams Date Published:Aug 3, 1998 ISBN: 0672313030
Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days: Complete Compiler Edition Jesse Liberty / Sams / Date Published: Jan 22, 1998 ISBN: 0672312611
Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours Jesse Liberty / Sams /
Date Published: Jun 12, 1997 ISBN: 0672310678
Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ 5 in 21 Days, Fourth Edition Nabban Gurewich;
Od Gurewich / Sams / Date Published: Jun 4, 1997 ISBN: 0672310147
Category: Programming / Topic: Visual C++
Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, Second Edition Jesse Liberty / Sams
Date Published: May 15, 1997 ISBN: 0672310708

The C++ Programming Language 1997, Bjarne Stroustrup $35.96
Problem Solving, Abstraction, and Design Using C++; 1996 Frank L. Friedman, Elliot       B. Koffman $41.00;
 Programming and Problem Solving With C++; 1996 Nell B. Dale, et al $55.00;
 Programming in C++; 1995 Stephen C. Dewhurst, et al $42.00;
 Programming Primer for the MacIntosh/Book and Disk Vol 1; 1994 John C. May,
      Judy B.Whittle $42.00;
 Programming With Directtosom C++; 1996 Jennifer Hamilton $39.96;
 Programming With Microsoft Visual C++ 1.5; Scott D. Palmer (out of stock);
 Real-Time Animation Tool-Kit in C++/Book and Cd-Rom; 1995
      Rex E. Bradford $39.96;
  The Revolutionary Guide to Mfc 4 Programming With Visual C++; 1996 Mike       Blaszczak $39.96;
 The Revolutionary Guide to Oop Using C++/Book and Disk; 1994 Vladimir Olshevsky,       Alexandr Ponomarev $31.96;
 Revolutionary Guide to Turbo C++; 1993 Valery Sklyarov, Valery Skylarov $27.96;
 The Revolutionary Guide to Visual C++/Book and Disk; 1994 Ben Ezzell $31.96;
 Ruminations on C++ : A Decade of Programming Insight and Experience; 1996 Andrew       Koenig, Barbara E. Moo (Editor) $29.95;
 Schildt's Expert C++; 1996 Herbert Schildt $27.96;
 Scientific and Engineering C++ : An Introduction With Advanced Tecniques and    Examples; 1994 John J. Barton, Lee R. Nackman $55.95;
 Scientific C++ : Building Numerical Libraries the Object-Oriented Way/Book and
 Disk; 1993 Guido Buzzi-Ferraris $39.95;
  Signal and Image Processing With Neural Networks : A C++ Sourcebook/Book and 3   1/2 Disk; Timothy Masters (currently out of stock but you can check now)
  Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ (The Pws Series in Computer Science);    1995       Adam Drozdek $66.95;
 Data Structures With C++  1995, William Ford, William R. Topp $63.00;
 The Programmer's Guide to C++  1997, Adrian P. Robson $29.95;
  C++ Inside & Out/Covers Draft ANSI C++Bruce Eckel (out of stock, 4 1/2 stars)
 C++ Program Design : An Introduction to Programming and Object-Oriented Design;       1996, James P. Cohoon, Jack W. Davidson $65.95
 Client/Server Programming in PC Lans; 1995, Ed Barfield, Brian Walters $45.00
  C++ Programming Guidelines; 1991, Thomas Plum $34.95
  Advanced Graphics on Vga and Xga Cards Using Borland C++; 1992 Ian O. Angell,             Dimitrios Tsoubelis $45.00;
 Algorithms and Data Structures in C++; 1996 Leendert Ammeraal $49.99;
 Algorithms in C; 1992 Robert Sedgewick $42.95;
 The Annotated C++ Reference Manual; $55.95 Margaret A. Ellis, Bjarne Stroustrup        1990;
 The Beginner's Guide to C++; 1995 Oleg Yaroshenko $22.36;
 The Beginner's Guide to Oop Using C++; 1994 Laureen Romanovskaya, et al $39.95;
 The Beginner's Guide to Windows Programming Using Turbo C++ Visual Edition/Book  and Disk; 1995 Ivor Horton $23.96;
 Beginning Visual C++ 4; 1996 Ivor Horton $29.96;
 Bitmapped Graphics Programming in C++/Book and Disk; 1993 Marv Luse $31.96;
  Borland C++ in Depth; 1996 William H. Murray, et al $31.96;
 Borland C++ Insider (Insider); 1995 Paul Cilwa, Keith Weiskamp (Editor)$21.56;
 Borland C++5 for Dummies (For Dummies); 1996 Michael Hyman, Bob Arson $23.99;
 Build Your Own Flight Sim in C++ : Programming a 3d Flight Simulator Using Oop;            Michael Radtke, et al (out of stock);
 Building a 3d Game Engine in C++/Book and Disk; 1995 Brian Hook $31.96;
 Building Business Applications Using C++ : An Introduction to the Object Model;       1996 Lucy Garnett $41.95;
 Building Your Own Compiler With C++; Jim Holmes (on back order);
 Cutting-Edge 3d Game Programmingwith C++ : 3d Game Programming With C; 1996        John De Goes, et al $31.99;
 Data Communications Using Object-Oriented Design and         C++/Book&Disk     (McGraw-Hill Series on Computer Communications);
       Anil Ananthaswamy (o.o.stock);
 Data Structures & Other Objects Using C++; 1996 Michael Main,
      Walter J. Savitch  $50.55;
 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++; 1994 Mark Allen Weiss $53.75;
 Data Structures Via C++ : Objects by Evolution; 1997 A. Michael Berman, A. Michael         Rowman $54.95;
 Database Developer's Guide With Visual C++ 4.0 (Sams Developer's Guide); Peter D.         Hipson, Roger Jennings (o.o. stock);
 The Design and Evolution of C++; 1994    Bjarne Stroustrup $32.95;
 Designing and Coding Reusable C++; 1995 Martin D. Carroll, Margaret A. Ellis       $41.95;
 Designing Object-Oriented C++ Applications : Using the Booch Method; 1995 Robert       Cecil Martin $53.00;
 Developing C++ Software; 1993 Russel Winder $49.95;
 The Draft Standard C++ Library; 1994 P. J. Plauger $49.00;
 Dummies 101 : C++ Programming (--For Dummies); 1996 Namir Clement Shammas       $19.99;
  Enough Rope to Shoot Yourself in the Foot : Rules for C and C++ Programming;
        1995 Allen I. Holub $19.96;
 The Essence of Programming Using C++ (Essence of Computing Series); 1997 Douglas       Bell $19.95;
 Essential C++ for Engineers and Scientists; 1997 Jeri R. Hanly $33.95;
 The Evolution of C++ : Language Design in the Marketplace of Ideas (A Usenix  Association Book); 1993 Jim Waldo (Editor) $27.50;
 Extending the Mfc Library : Add Useful Reusable Features to the Microsoft        Foundation Class Library; 1996 David A. Schmitt $31.96;
 Framework-Based Software Development in C++ (Prentice Hall Series on    Programming Tools and Methodologies); 1997 Gregory F. Rogers $49.00;
 Fundamentals of Data Structures in C++; 1995 Ellis Horowitz, et al $65.95;
 Game Graphics in C++/Book and Disk; 1995 Len Dorfman $27.96;
 Building Portable C++ Applications With Yacl; 1995 M. A. Sridhar $49.95;
 Practical C++ Programming (Nutshell Handbook); 1995 Steve Oualline $26.36;
 Problem Solving With C++ : The Object of Programming; 1995 Walter Savitch  $46.25;
Prices subject to change. 

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