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Karelia Visa Hedningarna
Kaksi! Hedningarna
Musta Sanna Kurki-Suonio
Nordic Roots 2 Nordic Roots (Series)
Folk Voices: Finnish Folk Song Through... Various Artists

Myllärit from Äänisjärvi (Lake Onega):
The Myllärit are a fine Eastern Karelian band. The range of Finno-Ugric intruments from the kantele & shamans drum to Estonian bag pipes produce a unique sound. The music ranges from lively to sad, and has a lot of humour and substance in its lyrics. The stories describe life in Karelia: going to parties, bringing milk for sale in the city, and spending all the money... Their music is technically superb, though the sound clips on their site do not reflect this.
"Where are you going?" "Where am I going? - Sinä Petroskoi, minä Petroskoi - you Petroskoi, me Petroskoi." (then the fiddle) Petroskoi is the old name for Petrozavodsk, Äänislinna in Finnish, as all the land up to Lake Onega was occupied by Karelian Finns until the Slavs slowly took over control. The people living there have lost their language and many are trying to learn it again.
Eta Pravda: "Käytiinpä kerran Tuutarissa, siel' paistettiin emäkissa, Eta Pravda, Eta Pravda, Eta Pravda Sopila. Sit' siel' tuli jakajaiset, tuli sinne miehet sekä naiset, eta pravda, eta pravda, eta pravda sopila." Translation: once we went to Tuutari. (20 km southeast of St. Petersburg, in Inkeri) There they were roasting a mother cat. (In Russian: Eta Pravda) It's true, It's true, It's certainly true. Then they started to share the cat, the men came and women came..." The rest of the song states who got what of the cat depending on who they were or their behavior. Those who were foul mouthed got bare ribs. "Tuli kissaa jaketuks'" The refrain is in Russian; only in Russia do European people have to resort to eating their pet cats.
Eta Pravda (Import)- Myllärit Remarkable band!!!


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The fast pace of the Karelian music played by  Värttinä, is one type of Karelian Folk Music. A wide range of styles developed in Karelia, and the tempos vary quite a bit, for example: Ljuuli, Ljuuli, an Eastern Karelian lullabye, to the immortal Säkkijärven Polkka and beyond. Today's Karelian music has a lot of Celtic/Slavic/Bulgarian overtones and is not necessarily the type sung and played before the war. The styles and appeals of these new artists is international rather than just domestic. In this section, we will bring you a variety of music as it becomes available. Listen to these amazing musicians and read the reviews - and please check back to see what we've added. Bookmark it now. George Graham's Review .

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Digelius - Finnish and Finno-Ugric Music Source in Finland

Top Artists

Ulla Pirttijärvi
Maria Kalaniemi
Anna-Kaisa Liedes
Ancient Kalevala Heritage
Karelian Folk Music Ensemble
Mari Kaasinen/Sari Kaasinen
Traditional Music Finland

Maria Kalaniemi
Celtic Style Music
Artist List

Karelian Folk Music Ensemble
Artist List

Musta Lindu - Varttina
Artist List

Artist List

Art of the Finnish Kantele [IMPORT] Pokela/Sariola/Kontio
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Finnish Ambient Techno Chant Rinneradio/Wimme
Artist List
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Finnish Folk Dance Vol.1 [IMPORT] Various Artists
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Things Of Beauty Loituma
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Kaustinen Rhapsody JPP
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Archive Recordings of Ancient Kalevala Heritage
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Finland - Traditional Music   33 favorites
Artist List

Jews Harp Tapani Varis
Artist List

Joik:  Ruossa a Eanan Ulla Pirttijarvi  
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Can We Have Christmas Now? Mari Kaasinen/Sari Kaasinen
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Oi Miksi [IMPORT] Anna-Kaisa Liedes
Artist List
Finnish Classical Music
Finlandia- A Festival of Finnish Music / Osmo Vänskä
Composer: Jean Sibelius, Einojuhani Rautavaara, et al. Conductor: Osmo Vänskä Performer: Dong-Suk Kang, Ilkka Pälli Orchestra: Lahti Symphony Orchestra Bis (Swe) - #575 / September 1, 1992 Audio CD / DDD / Number of Discs: 1 ASIN: B0000016IT Availability: This title usually ships within 4-6 weeks. Please note that labels occasionally run out of stock. We will notify you within 2-3 weeks if we have trouble obtaining this title. Amazon.com Sales Rank: 23,133

Sibelius: Finlandia, Valse triste, Swan of Tuonela , etc
Availability: This title usually ships within 2-3 days.
Composer: Jean Sibelius Conductor: Leonard Bernstein, Eugene Ormandy Performer: Louis Rosenblatt Orchestra: New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Philadelphia Orchestra Sony Music - #48271 / November 17, 1992
Classic Sibelius / Tuomas Ollila , Tampere Philharmonic
Availability: This title usually ships within 2-3 days.
Composer: Jean Sibelius Conductor: Tuomas Ollila Orchestra: Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra Ondine - #871 / August 20, 1996 Audio CD / DDD / Number of Discs: 1 ASIN: B00000378Y Amazon.com Sales Rank: 32,224
Book Section
Historical Dictionary of the Music and Musicians of Finland
Ruth-Esther Hillila, Barbara Blanchard Hong / Hardcover / Published 1997
Historical Dictionary of the Music and Musicians of Finland
Ruth-Esther Hillila, Barbara Blanchard Hong / Hardcover / Published 1998

Jean Sibelius and Olin Downes : Music, Friendship, Criticism
Glenda Dawn Goss / Hardcover / Published 1994

From Sibelius to Sallinen : Finnish Nationalism and the Music of Finland (Contributions to the Study of Music and Dance, No 16)
Lisa S. De Gorog / Hardcover / Published 1990
Scandinavian Music : Finland and Sweden
Antony Hodgson / Hardcover / Published 1984
Sibelius 1904-1914 Vol 2
Erik Tawaststjerna / Published 1987
Jean Sibelius
Harold E. Johnson / Hardcover / Published 1978
Jean Sibelius a Master and His Work
Nils-Eric Ringbom / Hardcover / Published 1977
Sibelius 1865 1905 Vol 1
Erik. Tawaststjerna / Published 1976

Foreign Tango
Cafe Tango Mambo Cafe Music (Series) , Various Artists - International
El Tango 1...Y Tu Various Artists - International

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