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Updated June 5, 2010

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  • Why did the Founding Fathers of the United States put this in the National Anthem: "And this be our motto: "In God is our trust". Who did they mean "our?" All the American people. Which God did they mean? His name is Jaweh, or Jehovah. That is what they had in mind, and that is why the Pilgrims came to the New World. Not to worship Allah, or Krishna, but to worship freely, the living God - the one in the Bible, not the Qur'an or any other book. This freedom was extended to other religions as well, to tolerate them, not to incorporate their beliefs into the American way. Lies are being spread that the founding fathers studied the Qur'an and it is a part of the foundation of the United States of America. This is false. Pirates were attacking American ships in the Mediterranean and Jefferson wanted to know why, as the pirates stated that their religion told them to do so. The problem with the world is that false ideas have made it into our Universities, funded by the enemy, the followers of the false god. They have gone so far as to plot the downfall of the establishment, right under our noses. We have requested it, we have fostered it, we have followed wrong council of our Presidents, who also want our downfall, so they can rebuild the world in their crazy ideas. So, does that mean in Allah we trust too? Absolutely not, because to build the country they wanted, a land of the free, it had to be based on the Holy Bible. No other God will do, because they cannot make a free society, and the proof is in the pudding, in the Islamic countries themselves. So they meant Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit. Should we let Muslims take over here - which is their stated goal? Absolutely not! How are they doing it? Bit by bit! Here is what the Australians are doing about this menace. We love the people, but unfortunately we cannot let their religion spread too far.

    Australia tells Muslims to adapt or get out.

    What Can We Really Believe? How about Miracles?You can be sure of one thing:if you don't believe: you will never see one. No, that isn't right either because God has healed skeptics that became powerful Christian ministers.

    "I have some good news for you." We all like to hear those words. But no news can come close to the good news contained in the Truth about Jesus. In the last 20 years, Christ has become the focal point of secular media vicious attacks. They defend Muslims and Gays but persecute Christians. They have a word for the former but not for the latter. "Homophobia" and "Islamophobia" are common words, but do we hear "Christianophobia" anywhere, though it is they that are receiving the slander and media jabs? Who are the terrorists today, Christians? Who are the ones engaged in immoral sex? Did God create two sexes or three? Pointing to money grubbing TV evangelists, they are trying to paint all Christians with the same brush. The underlying theme of this site is this: "We cannot judge Christianity or the teachings of Jesus Christ by the actions of a few Christian leaders that do not follow the Bible." By this I mean, Satan can deceive even the best intentioned of us, but we must compare the actions of deceived leaders with what the Bible says and if we find they do not follow the Bible, we must not curse them, but pray for them to see the error of their ways. I have a growing list of preachers who fall into this category myself, but I do not have the authority to curse them with negative statements and spread that around. All I can do is pray for them. I am doing the exact opposite of what Satan would expect me to do. We are at a life and death struggle with the evil one, and he uses every trick in the book. What you say reinforces that belief, so be careful what you say.

    I believe that the people who are against Christ will listen to this type of propaganda, while those who love God and Jesus will see it for what it is: the usual persecution and violence against Christians. The ones cursing the religious leaders are probably themselves in one form or other sinful practice. They recognize the sin of others because they have been there themselves. It is the usual "it takes one to know one." Yes, it is a serious thing to be a focal point of blogs pointing to the sins of supposed pillars of the Christian faith. Satan is busy trying to discredit every one of them. He is trying to trip them up with, mainly using the weakest part of their bodies: their natural sexual urges. This is the focal point of Satan's thrust against Christian leaders. But there is more, Satan uses pride, lust for power and money and every human fallibility to accomplish his goal: to destroy the body of Christ. Satan's weapon includes this: "go ahead and sin, it's OK, for God will forgive you." And many do.

    The whole thing (exposing the sin of others, especially Christians) is violence and hatred against God's people and by extension, God Himself. If you are a sinner, He will forgive you, and if you are sick, He will heal you, but with one condition, that you stop the sin that caused the sickness. (It can happen in a split second, or it can be over time, but you will receive healing. To increase your faith, watch Marilyn and Sarah:.

    Kathryn Kuhlman - the greatest conduit for God's healing in history.
    The problem today is that the news media has stolen God from the people. How? Simply by denying the existence of God in thousands of different ways such as stating over and over again that Christians are bigots, and that they do bad things to others etc. etc. I used to listen to KGO in San Francisco but now all I hear is about how bad Christians are, and it is ridiculous how Christians believe in all that BS! I have gotten sick of this sort of thing, without them even mentioning that Islam is the real threat to America, NOT CHRISTIANITY. This is Satan's doing, there is no doubt, for who would put down just Christians without a mention of what Muslims are doing to Christians around the world. By their silence, they approve of it. Either they are ignorant of Islam, or they are one of them; which is it?

    I have come here to set the record straight: God exists and He is in control. You have a limited amount of control over your life - only what God has given you. If you do not take the God factor into consideration, then you are missing out on benefits that could be yours. The new witnesses to the truth of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit are down at the street level, ordinary people who have had an encounter with Jesus. All Scandinavian countries have been established as Christian countries, each having as their symbol, the Cross on which Jesus was crucified for our sins. He bore our sicknesses and death on that cross, so that we may be healed and have everlasting life. How is that for separation of church and state? The message is: separate them, but not too far! It may sound like a bunch of mumbojumbo to one who doesn't understand what I am talking about, so let's see how all this translates to action and results. Watch this clip about Todd White and how he was transformed from a drug addict to a Street Healer, healing just about everyone he meets, just like Jesus. Meet Todd White.

    Watch More Marilyn and Sarah

    United States founding fathers who had the children in schools say the Lord's Prayer, were right. You, if you are an American, have bee lied to. I just thought it prudent to let you know: all the history books have been fraudulently changed. This generation of "enlightened" leaders, who falsified history to include "separation of church and state" are wrong. The intent of the founding fathers was "prevention of the state to interfere with the church." Since 1930, any reference to prayer or God in the history books has been erased and the secular humanist creed of separation of church and state has been implemented.. This constitutes theft of God from our children, as the truth of history relating to how God helped establish United States as a free country, has been removed. Millions of people, decedents of Christian forefathers, are running around believing that they better live it up today because when they die, that's it. But there is much proof to the contrary. I don't simply want you to take my word for it. I believe that God is willing to prove to you that 1) He exists, 2) He loves us and 3) He is interested in all His children in coming back to Him and ultimately to live with Him forever. In this regard, our existence here on earth is a flash in the eternity of the Universe. You don't want to be short-sighted in planning your earthly future; why would you want to do anything different for the rest.

    The Good News is that He exists and Jesus is alive, and He will return. He is the original author of "I'll be back." He will judge those who have come against Him and destroy them. Those who have aligned themselves with Him, are saved and will have an eternity to enjoy with Him. Those who have swallowed the Lie, and confess it, denying Christ, will have no part of it. One day you too will come face to face with God; what will you do then? This is your opportunity to make up your mind, one way or the other. Now, God will be happy to prove that He exists and is in total control. Now, all unbelievers want proof. Well, there's lots, all you have to do is be open to it. He does this through signs and wonders. Why? Because there is no time to lose, and they validate the gospel (good news) bringing more people to Jesus faster than trying to explain what He did on the cross. Seeing is instant believing for people who are open to the Word. Journalist Documents life after death.

    Some have said that all Gods are the same, or that we all worship the same God. This too is not true, for there is only one God, and He only has one set of attributes, and these are laid out, not in the Qur'an or some other book, but in the Holy Bible. Muslims worship Allah and Christians worship Jehovah. East is East and West is West, and these twains do not meet. You have to know more about what Muhammad "revealed" to understand what I mean. Allah is a liar. He allows children to have sex with old men. This is not Jehovah. There's more, much more, and it is not character assassination, but character revelation. Sure, Jehovah destroyed many people for various reasons. But He did it for a reason, but His laws never change. Allah's laws do change. Muhammad changes his story many times, saying that the last one takes precedence over the previous "revelation." Is it arrogant to say Jesus is the only way? Absolutely not, because no other way will relieve you of what you deserve for the way you have been behaving, and the way we as humans have behaved from the get go. I challenge you to tell me what other way will take away your sins, and the fate you deserve! If you do not know the truth, you will find here your first steps toward Jesus Christ. There is a God and His son is Jesus, who died on a cross but He lives to heal your body and spirit. In this page, I will explain this to you, not by some theories, but by the works of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit on earth by His Word. "He sent His Word and healed them" - not just any word, but the living way, truth and the life. God is the Word, and He does His miracles through the power in the Word. In the beginning was the Word...God made sure that His Word is available to you, and through it, everything He has for you. So, if you ignore the Word, you ignore God. You can get closer to God, to find out what He has for you, by studying His Word. The truth has always existed in the form of the Word, in other words, the Word is a manifestation of God. When Jesus came to the Earth, the Word became flesh.

    You may have to discard the negative propaganda you've heard or been taught by a corrupt and "evil" system that allows killing babies and protects criminals at the expense of the victims, and claims God does not exist. He exists and is at work right here with us. Let's see what I mean in this clip:

    Denial of Jesus is denial of truth, and the consequences are predictable. John Hagee wrote that today's people have a lot of knowledge but not truth, which cannot be derived by reasoning or philosophizing - it must come from God. There is really no way around it. You can try, but I guarantee failure - you will only manufacture something that looks pretty but is false. Knowledge without God just produces smarter sinners, intellectual Barbarians. Hitler's buddies had PhD's but that did not help them see the truth. What is "Truth" and how can we prove it? Well, my greatest ally in proving the truth of the Bible is the prophecy that the end times will have a great outpouring of signs and wonders. God will demonstrate His power by miracles. My position is this: when we took God out of our schools, someone else (I'll give you three guesses who, the first two don't count) moved in. We made the biggest mistake of our lives and now our countries have to live under the curse that followed. Wars have not been won, in fact the enemy gets even stronger, our kids have turned to drugs and go around stealing, abortion (the killing of unborn children) is a disgrace to humanity. This page will scratch the surface of the miracles and wonders God has shown in the last few decades. The evil mainstream media is to blame for the demonization of God's people. It has spread lies about them, that their healing ministries are phoney, that they are just after money, and follow-ups of "healings" have proven that they are frauds. Well, these are lies of the devil, designed to influence you to "turn off" from believing in healing miracles of God. This site will reverse this, in Jesus name.

    That God exists is demonstrable through His deeds, such as healing of diseases without any hope whatsoever. Miracles are God's way of proving to those who are like doubting Thomas, and cannot believe until they see, hear, or even feel, for themselves. But, there are those who will not believe no matter what - those are the truly lost. We sometimes love to manufacture truths as we see fit, to be in line with our vices, our prejudices, our little mini-corruption, but we must resist that urge. "Don't confuse me with the truth" seems to be the norm. Jesus said these true words: "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." I know what you have been told, what you've heard in school, on the news, on TV, (we've all heard them a thousand times) but forget them and approach this with an open mind and decide for yourself. Forget the negative propaganda. There is something HUGE that you need to know. This is not about religion, which is a "club" and each one is just based on personal preferences or prejudices. Clubs can be good, or they can be bad. The leaders can be good or they can be anything else, as they are human. But don't judge God by what you see humans do; if they sin, it is not from God. This is not about clubs or even preachers, or TV evangelists, no. It is about your relationship with your maker - you have it or you don't. It is to your advantage to have it. Jesus Christ did not come here to establish another religion on earth, his mission was about you - to save you if you are willing. The passengers on the Titanic were so sure they could not sink that they refused to get into life boats. Is this what is happening today? Are we so sure there is no God that we fail to read the writing on the wall and save ourselves from destruction? It is always about you as far as God is concerned. He is ready to work on your body and spirit, since He made them. If your car needs specialized work, you would take it to the dealer because they know the car inside out, right? Same with you, God knows you better than you know yourself. He is ready to prove to you that He exists by healing your body, and by so doing, your faith will increase and He will be able to deal with your spirit. You can take your body back to the manufacturer and the warranty will still be good. But God does it in His time, not yours.

    Let's do a quick comparison of the two great religions. Why? Well, that's because most people who do not know God think that all religions are the same, they are for nincompoops. What a mistake they are making - in fact of the mistakes they have made, this is the biggest, with results that last forever. Most people are confused i.e. why can't Islam be just as good as Christianity? What gives Jesus the right to say He is better than say, Muhammad? Couldn't he too be a messenger from God? The answer is simple: if the attributes of the "God" that sent him are the same as that of the one who sent Jesus, the answer is "yes." However, if he says God sent him, but proceeds to speak of another God, the answer is "no." Let's get one thing straight: Jaweh is the Christian God and Allah is the Muslim god. They are not the same. Muslims don't want Christians to use the name Allah as their god, because they are different. Now, this goes against some Muslims in the West who are telling us "we all worship the same god." We worship different gods!

    I grew up with the Lord's Prayer in school, every morning. This was the right way to teach kids about their place in the Universe, and how they should behave towards God and their fellow humans. Those who oppose Jesus have spread the lie that it is Christians who are behind all the wars and everything bad. In fact this is what Muslims preach to their congregations. It could be true that those who merely profess to be Christians are behind some of it and want to destroy Christianity. For example, take any government leader that supports abortion - what do we see on the TV? We see him going to church. Here is a double standard: professing to be Christian while committing crimes against humanity. You cannot have it both ways in God's sight.

    In the 1960's, the governments of Canada and the USA had a great idea, from some complaints by atheists, that they should banish God from the school; this would make better robots for their new society. The globalist movement was proceeding as planned: creating the One World government. Kids would be more easily controlled and enslaved. Now Johnny can't mention Jesus in class. However, Muslims can talk all they want about Islam. Other Gods have been introduced to the children: multiculturalism, yoga, Islam, abortion, humanism, communism, globalism, environmentalism, money and materialism...we don't "need" God. But I have one thing to say about that: it was tried in the USSR, and it was a complete failure. It destroyed the nation.

    You see, there is only one God, and although logically Muhammad/Allah and Jesus/God both can't be right, if they are different in key points, they could both be false. God's characteristics do not change with the times like those of humans; they were and are always the same. But Muhammad changed what was described in the Bible - he supposedly got messages from an entity claiming to be angel Gabriel, and so the two are not congruent. This "Gabriel" did not know that Muhammad could not read. A messenger of God would have known that. The conclusion is that the entity was not angel Gabriel. No messenger of God would have instructed Muhammad to start beheading people if they did not join Islam. What key points separate these two religions? For example, you can ask a Muslim if his god can do everything. He will say "yes." Ask a Christian and he will (should) say "no." These are different gods. But you say, "I thought Jehovah was omnipotent." Yes, He is but He is limited by his NATURE. For example, He cannot lie. The Bible's source was not Gabriel, but God Himself. By contrast, Allah can lie because he can do all things.

    Islam is RPM - religion, politics and military - quite different from Christianity. Jesus Christ's Kingdom is not of this earth, while Muhammad's was. He was a military man who lead armies to battle. Jesus was a peaceful man who told Peter to put away his sword. However, Jesus did know that his gospel will be divisive and in this sense He brought the sword to the world because there is little in common between those who belong to the world and those who belong to Jesus. Today, disgruntled Muslim men often decide they want to follow Muhammad's example and fight against infidels. Not all Muslims are violent though. This is wartime, if I may remind you. Just as you would be cautious when you go into the woods about Bears (Bear Aware), you must be cautious about Muslim fanatics. Can you tell which bear will attack you? Of course not, but it is best to remember what the nature of this beast is. You keep your respectful distance, for you can never tell - they don't go around with a label "I am a bad bear." You have identified the possible source of a risk, i.e. a gopher will not attack you, nor will a squirrel, under normal conditions, but a bear might. And so it is around the world - the only religious group that I am aware of that has a significant number of fanatics is Islam. The Sikh and Buddhist will not attack you but the Muslim might. Is this not profiling? We are told not to do that, and in fact the government officials will strip search a nun to show just how stupid we have become - pretending we don't know where the actual threat is. This attitude makes governments give Muslim groups the invitation to set up their shops in our Universities, as though they would be perfect gentlemen and not say anything bad about our democracy or our freedoms. Why do we invite disaster? This secular view is wrong, and it will provide us with a day or reckoning. The only reason to invite Muslims in is to show THEM how bad THEIR religion is and how it alienates its youth, who end up as terrorists, and that their god is not.

    Islam is violent and full of hate especially toward the "Great Satan" (USA) and the "Little Satan (Israel). They violently protest if we find out and say something. With the backing of Russia, Iran and other neighbors plan to attack Israel very soon. Muslim warriors took the women for themselves as sex slaves, and still do. This is their religion. Is not having sex without consent, rape? This is what was done those days and continued to the present, long after the Crusaders stopped fighting, I might add. We are told that Muslims are no worse than Christians, but the Crusades have stopped; the wars today are for oil and control - not for Christ. The only Christian fighting after that was done by evil men who were using the label of Christianity as a license to do genocide to the vanquished. It has nothing to do with what Christ taught, while the Crusades to Europe by Muslims had everything to do with the teachings of Muhammad, who commanded them to do it, to take the world for Allah. It stopped for a while, but started when money became available through oil and drug sales. Muslims bring up Crusaders as evidence that Christians are no different, something that happened a long time ago. I am not defending the Crusaders, but they fought for 300 years and stopped, while Muslims have been continuing Muhammad's military spread of Islam since his death in 732. They almost took over Europe, in which case we would all be speaking Arabic. The stories of how their armies were defeated in France, Spain and Austria are something to be studied by our students so they will know the character of the enemy they are fighting today. Students are taught that the war between Islam and the rest of the world is not connected with the religion, that the fighters are doing it for no reason but their own wrapped opinions of their religion. Whether this is true or not is of paramount importance. We have to know not only what the Imams are saying that is not Islamic, but what is actually in their books. If we know that, everything that is going on will make total sense. In these pages, you will find some of the key answers to that question: what is Islam REALLY all about, peace or world domination?

    Jesus came to give us salvation, (to save us from ourselves, as we are our own worse enemies) not a religion. We do things the way we see fit and blame God for the results. Jesus said "I have come that you may have (abundant) life." Muhammad, on the other hand, did come to establish a religion, which he flatly stated. It is a man-made religion that did not "come down" from God. He made it up from pretty stories told back and forth across the desert, which he crossed many times with his uncle. But nobody will follow pretty stories, so they had to come down from "Allah." This is the truth, and Muslims will not admit it. The Qur'an (a corrupt document in itself) is full of references to being a good Muslim, and the religion of Islam. Brainwashing methods are used, which we understand and recognize in all cults. Fear is used to keep people in the religion - they fear being killed if they stray to learning about Jesus. These are cult methods; the real God wants those who come to Him willingly, without corrupt practices found in Islam, which cannot tolerate other religions. The Bible mentions "Christianity" but the intent is not to push a religion as such, but to spread the Good News that you hear about at Christmas time and often forget the rest of the year. See for yourself that God is real and if He can create flowers and trees, and bees, He can do anything for you. The videos on this page prove it, and if you still don't believe, it is not God's fault, you must look into yourself to see if you are fooling yourself.

    Muhammad divided the world into Muslims and non-Muslims and said that the world must belong to Allah, and Muslims must be in charge. This struggle goes on to this day and is the real root of Muslim violence. The supposed root is fighting against oppression. Everyone who does not have education is potentially oppressed, until they decide for themselves that they will not be, and rise above it all and get educated. But the hard line Muslims who fight against education are keeping hundreds of millions of Muslims in a perpetual state of misery. This is not our fault, but theirs. So, we must not succumb to their assertion that they are fighting for justice. They hate justice; they want total control. This we will never give them.

    Salvation vs. man-made religion - that is what this page is about. My job is to convince you contrary to what the forces of evil are trying to do: prevent you from achieving eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord. The truth I am talking about is in the Holy Bible, that Abraham Lincoln said was the only thing we had teaching us right from wrong. I'll agree with that!

    So this page is not about the "Christian" religion as much as about the relationship with Jesus. Jesus never called His followers Christians, although that is what they were called. His mission was to bring light to the world, the good news of salvation that is free to all for the asking. Unfortunately, the world rejects the light, and if you are one of them, you will answer for choosing to live in darkness. You can avoid your fate by simply asking Jesus into your heart, it is just that simple. You don't need any priest to do that for you; they do not have any special privileges that you don't have, except those within the church hierarchy and power, which are of this world. For example, the Catholic Church creates "saints" but Jesus creates them too - anyone who follows his teachings is a saint. I'd rather listen to Jesus, not somebody who thinks he is Jesus' representative on earth. If man chooses the Pope, he is man's representative, not necessarily God's. Jesus came so that men can be reborn, as new - having never sinned, and inherit God's kingdom. He came to set the captives free. No other "prophet" has come from God, who is able to forgive sins, without which it is not possible to enter God's kingdom. He came so that people may be reconciled with God, who gave His only begotten son so that whoever believes in Him, will not die but live forever with God. You see, God created man in His image and gave him a paradise to live in, with just one commandment, not to eat of a certain tree that was at the center of the garden. According to the Bible, man would live forever if he had just kept this one command. Yet man wants to listen to what sounds good, though it is from the evil one, rather than obey God and got thrown out of Eden and he became a vagabond on earth, still mostly ignoring God's will. Jesus came to bring this lost soul back.

    Things got so bad that God had to destroy man (except Noah and his kin) with a flood and start all over again. Us humans are continually thinking up evil things, just look at the poisons Companies (e.g. Monsanto, GMO seeds and Acrylamide) are forcing on people's food supply. They are trying to poison us and to block any means of us preventing it such as Farmer's Markets. Governments are with them, not us. We are simply up to no good, all the time. So then He had to give mankind yet other commandments, just to try and keep him from destroying himself. Moses received these Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. Let me ask you a question: why do they put roadside barriers on highways? Isn't it to help keep cars on the road, and to give drivers a sense of security? Of course. God gave us Ten Commandments to keep us from hurting ourselves. Now people have grown vain and feel they can keep on the road without roadside barriers. That is why we are seeing our youth falling over the edge. A few people have succeeded in removing these barriers off the road of life, to the detriment of the nation. We need many people to take back what was taken away by a few.

    The new (American) colonies prospered and the Ten Commandments were a corner stone of the United States until it was removed from all government buildings recently, thus recapitulating the disobedience in the Garden. The people decided that they had prospered by themselves without any help; they threw out God. Even Oprah Winfrey boasted that SHE had taken God out of the box. We have become worshipers of ourselves. Since then, little has gone right. There hasn't been a clear victory in war, the land and food have become corrupted...etc.

    God has allowed new false religions to permeate the land. Whether they are God given commandments or ones we make up, we seem to immediately disregard them and do like we wish. Here is the prevailing lie that has taken millions of people away from their salvation: religion is the cause of all the problems on earth. Get rid of it and everything will be great. Well, as I said Jesus did not come to establish a religion, this is the doing of man. So, if you hate religion, you may have some basis to do so, but accepting Jesus doesn't necessarily mean you embrace the concept of "religion." If you accept Jesus as your savior, you have not automatically become a Baptist, or Methodist or anything else, you have become a child of God, and you don't have to put a label on that! Only in that sense you are a "Christian." Incidentally, the haters of believers in Christ believe they are morally superior to believers, who they have a hate term for: Evangelicals. Christians NEVER spew hatred like that - but they are accused of it because they follow the moral teachings of Christ. Being against (disagreeing with) all kinds of immoral acts, like men preferring to have sex with another man, makes Christians bigots in their eyes. God made man and woman, not man, woman and homosexuals. That is not something that is a hate thing - it is just a fact. Isn't this a free country? Well, it used to be, until you couldn't say this or that or the other thing, or you might get thrown in jail! Now, Christians are being harassed and even rounded up - and perhaps disappearing. Remember, that if you do not stop this, eventually they will come for YOU.

    I suppose they imagine that Christians are going to gather en mass and attack all the gays, this is how ridiculous their hatred has become. They are falling for the lie that when they get rid of the Christians, we will have "The New World Order" meaning peace. This is a lie, it will be terrible - hundreds of millions of people will be killed, making the Holocaust look like a picnic. Those who hate Christians accuse Christians of hating them, which is false; Christians are supposed to love everyone as Jesus did. (Those hateful Christians)

    We failed the first Commandment in the Garden, having listened to a spirit being God threw out of heaven along with 1/3 of the angels (demons). Eviction: Satan got evicted from heaven and we people got evicted from the Garden - because we would not obey God. Death and disease came to man, and his life-span began to decrease. Today young mothers and fathers die from cancer or some other disease - mostly again because we want it our way. We eat what we want, and live like we want, and then we blame God for our illness - but we never blame ourselves. The Truth is nonsense to true unbelievers/evildoers, but fact to everyone else. God however, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit told man that He would heal the sick - it is the main way Jesus will prove who He is. Some people "sort of" believe in Jesus. Many have come to believe fully in Jesus after being healed. He gave us the power to do so, and everyone who asks for it will receive healing. The only exception is in ourselves: if we do not receive it for some reason. When we learn the cause, we are healed from our diseases by our faith in Jesus. Here is the reason God does not heal everyone right away. Healing withheld.
    Unbelief as a barrier to healing
    Another reason why people may not be healed right away is that we do not understand that it is God's word that heals us. "He sent His word and healed them." Many make the mistake of substituting belief in healing for God's medicine: The Word. You can believe in food all you want, but if you don't eat it, what good would it do? So, yes, faith is involved, but if you do not have much, someone else's faith will do, a faith he or she got from the...Word. The Word of God. Marilyn Hickey tells of a woman who lost the sight in one eye. She was so upset she would not sleep with her husband. One night her husband had enough. He said "enough of this nonsense," and they put the Word all over the house. She started to get her sight back. When she went to the doctor, the doctor asked her which was the bad eye! She was totally healed. So, we can get instant healing from someone who has the faith from the word to the extent that it can literally trump unbelief, or...we can fill ourselves with the Word and receive the faith that way. Praise God!

    While we are on the subject of healing, which is probably the most popular subject in Christianity, because it works, I would like to make a suggestion. For those of you who are tired of the T.V. evangelist that seems to be only interested in your money, take a fresh look at it. Many of the men have blown it as far as most agnostics/atheists are concerned, and I won't mention any names. There is a batch of women on the healing/evangelical scene, and they are perhaps worth taking a fresh look at how they are presenting Jesus. Marilyn Hickey's Site

    Some believe that the tree and the fruit were figurative, but whatever it was, we fell from grace and needed a savior. In heaven was the three-in-one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mankind was doomed because he was just not fit to join God in heaven. Sin was not to be found there. So Jesus came down to earth in body to join man to God. He came to die in our place, so we may live if we believe in Him. What is called "Christianity" is really just a relationship with Jesus, and through Him we become closer to Father God, and the Holy Spirit (the comforter). We have the choice of listening to Satan or God. When we choose materialism and money as the main goals in life, we are not following God, but Satan. When enough people do that, the world slides into a dark hole that we need to come out of. Not by following Oprah or some other guru, but by reading the Bible and communicating with God. That is the meaning of "Christianity" to me. Here lies the problem for today. We still do not want to follow what God wants for us; we still want to do it our way. In fact, now we have banished God from schools. Oprah even brags about taking God out of the box and with a fellow named Tolle, bringing us unenlightened souls to see the truth. Oprah, like most post-Christian era New-Agers, believes that Christianity has brought the world to the place it is today. She believes only a new religion will save us, and she wants to be the high priestess. She is recapitulating the events in the Garden. We have accepted in His place, false gods, which we will discuss here. In fact, I was talking to a Muslim and he also agrees that we have dropped the ball. He is here from Afghanistan to bring us to the real god, the Muslim god. This is what will happen if we don't buck up and stand up for the beliefs of our fathers: they will be taken away and foreign religions will rule our nations.

      2 Chronicle 7:14: 'If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land".

    A "Church" is not really a building. It is the body of Christ, which includes all believers in what He did on the cross for us: He saved us from death, which is the result of sin. He came to give us life by removing the sin burden from us. He gave us the ultimate choice of the Universe: to live or die, to choose life or death; and the Bible says, "choose life."

    A brief word about the Holy Bible. Most versions of the Bible today are corrupt in the sense that political correctness has crept into the text. They are not inspired translations. Most of them take out words that they (the writers) personally don't agree with based on their world view, which is quiet sick in many cases in today's world. So which is the correct Bible? Should I throw out the others? The King James version is about the best you can get. It is the one you should read. The others can be thrown out, like the Living Bible.
    Abraham Lincoln's Bible

    As a young man looking for myself, I had a supernatural encounter with what I can call an angel.

      I was hitching a ride across the Atlantic Ocean from Norfolk Virginia to Sauda Fjord in Norway, headed for Finland. I was able to work in exchange for passage on Tres Fonn, a Norwegian Bulk carrier. It was February 12, and Mardi Gras time. We stopped at Port of Spain Trinidad to pick up a load of Manganese. On our way into town we stopped at bars along the way, eventually arriving at a house where the crew were served drinks. I left the house to get some money. I got lost and ended up at the Carnival and later passed out on a boulevard. The ship was to leave at 9 AM for Norway. At 8 AM I was asleep. No money. The gap between me and that ship was huge. How did I get to the ship on time?

      God stepped in to turn a potential disaster into triumph, and a lesson I will never forget, and I am here to testify to it. Yes, I was bad, I drank and had a "good time." Yes, I deserved to be stranded in Trinidad without money and passport. I deserved it all. There I was when a beautiful woman's face looked down at me. It was a "Taxi Driver" and she was right on time. Any later and it would be too late. I was startled. I asked her what time it was. When she told me I panicked. I have to get back to my ship! But I have no money! I had no idea which way the ship was, but she knew. Quick , jump in, she said. She took me to the check point, and I was able to get a ride the rest of the way. It was a miracle. She was "an angel."
    Why Christian Values?

    Why should we protect Judeo-Christian values? You ask. Well, forget the Televangelists who have done wrong. They have to answer for their good and bad deeds like you and me. Look instead at the values that Christ taught. Many bad teachings have been attributed to Jesus, but I could not find one. I knew that the world's standard was wrong, and His was right. Jesus taught the truth. If we reject it and go the other way, we are in fact taking the wrong path, which not only leads to bodily destruction but spiritual as well. In fact it leads to the total destruction of our society, as it did in Soviet Union. We are trying to keep our Christian religion out of schools and so forth so hard that we are causing the destruction of our values there. Schools were run by the people, not the government. Now the government wants to take over and tell us what we can believe, what we can learn and how we must do it. That is not freedom of the people, but slavery to the government. We can avoid our own destruction by allowing Christian values to be taught in schools, or learn the hard way and teach our children to believe that there is no right way - they are all right. This is WRONG.

    The Finnish Church

    A total of 4.4 million persons belong to Evangelical-Lutheran congregations in Finland. The Church is part of the Finnish way of life, and Christian values are taught already in the schools. Among other things, children learn that there are some solid principles to live by, such as honesty, peace and hope in the promises and love of Jesus Christ. They also learn that a Christian does not bow down to idols or images, nor do they hold any man or woman, living or dead, or their teachings on the same level as the Bible, or of Jesus Christ. What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants?

    Christianity is under attack today and the aim of most governments is to get rid of it, because only Christianity stands for freedom of speech and truth. What I see today is many who profess to be Christians, but are not. One such person, I believe, is president Bush. Governments want more power and they see Christians as roadblocks to getting what they want. Bush had made a comment something like, it would be easier for him if we were in a dictatorship. You may have heard it too. Power corrupts humans, that is why we always get governments that do the wrong things. The freedom to speak your mind was given to you by God, with the caveat that you tell the truth. Therefore no man can take it away. When your agenda precludes telling the truth, you have violated this. When a nation starts wheeling and dealing in lies, that nation is a prime candidate for loss of freedom of speech. When governments prevent you from telling the truth, the whole nation will suffer. So when we see lies presented as truth, we should do something to stop it or we are participating in that process. This page is an attempt to begin to bring us back to the truth.

    Governments don't want you to know the truth today. They will teach our kids "their" religion in school while prohibiting the teaching of Christ, under the pretense of separation of church and state. Nothing should be separated from God - he is everywhere - how can you separate a child from God from 9 AM - 3 PM? That is child abuse! What they are teaching is a faith in something that has not been proven by the Scientific Method, that says "show me." We've seen parts of monkey skulls mixed with human and such an unscientific mess that they should scrap it and start over. Meanwhile kids are told there is no right or wrong! It is called situational ethics, but it is just crap. They want to support corruption and immoral practices, immorality that leads to abortion, GMO agriculture, drugs, dangerous chemicals in foods - messing with life and lives, and increasing big corporate profits. Millions of Americans and people from every country on the planet have turned their backs on God and the results are beginning to show. We are trying to make ourselves into God, exactly what Satin did to get thrown out of Heaven. We feel we can do better than God by manipulating the genetic code of plants, and now these unnatural plants are crossing with natural varieties. They are out of control. They also believe science has proven that God does not exist. Again, they are wrong. However, we know that He does. And He is still proving it.

    Now 60 million prescriptions yearly are made for antidepressants in the United States alone. No wonder that a toxicologist in Texas found evidence of Prozac in the brains, livers and muscles of bluegill, a common freshwater fish, caught near a water-treatment plant. We have traded drugs and alcohol for a loving God that gave us physical, mental and spiritual security and well-being. We have made ourselves god and feel we can control nature and agriculture without any blessing from God. We are seeing the results of this ideology causing major disasters in our environment and quality of food, disaster spearheaded by the Monsanto monster.

    Most governments don't want truth; they want political correctness, so the true God will not be consulted or acknowledged. "In God we trust" has become meaningless. States can no longer decide for themselves if they keep religion or toss it out. The original intent of the Constitution of United States was that states can decide for themselves. Now, (2008) 9 federal judges decide for the States, which totally goes against the intent of the basis of freedoms. When we still had God in the picture, we could freely think and speak without being thrown in jail. The trend today is away from freedom of speech and toward, control of the masses through legislation preventing it.

    Canada embarked on a slippery slope when it started creating classes of people within Canada such as natives and French Canadians, and now Muslims. When you try to please everyone, you please no one. So, it was an easy conceptual step to extend that to another class: homosexuals - who are freedom hating people. They want to prevent people's opinions from being expressed. (e.g. we do not agree with the gay agenda) They want other opinions silenced, but not theirs. There is no law preventing THEM from calling Christians hateful people, which they state whenever the opportunity is available. Of course we know THEY are not hateful people for attacking Christians.

    In Canada, and I believe EU as well it is growing, you can't say this, you can't say that...or you'll go to jail. For example, you can't say you don't believe in the holocaust - you'll be put in jail. (Political Zionists behind that one) Can you imagine? The list is growing. We are under increasing gag orders. Is it worth it to give up freedom of speech for the sake a few homosexuals who flaunt their sexuality, daring people to say or do something? Spies are sent into churches in case the preacher teaches what the Bible says, then the preacher gets thrown into jail (actually happened). Meanwhile, Mosques are free to preach whatever they want, even if it goes against the laws of the land. They preach hateful things about Christians and Jews sometimes, but we don't see them thrown in Jail.

    We are allowing Muslims to have their own laws, maybe not all at once, but little by little. What kind of "free" society is being constructed? When the government ties your tongue, you are a slave of the government. When such legislation is passed, they will inevitably say "what speech shall we make laws against next?" Prediction of what will happen if we don't change our course.

    When the government fears the people, you have good government, but when the people fear the government, you have tyranny. Is speech control actually thought control? But here's the catch: they can say anything about Christians and the government will protect their right to do so. Homosexuals and pro abortion activists have been on TV condemning those right-wing evangelicals, without any retribution whatsoever - it is open season on Christians. When this kind of Bill is passed, what happens? People start spying on one another, and reporting violations. Isn't this what happened in the Soviet Union and under Hitler? I think they call it thought police. When we can think but not express, we have a problem in that society. For that will be a sick society. How long can a person be well if he is holding back things? And so it is with a society. Free expression is the best, and our politicians are not doing it, and I believe it is for the Globalist Agenda, the New World Order. People are getting more and more suspicious about this agenda, and there is now greater resistance to it around the world. The argument they put forward is, that if we allow people to knock these groups, someone will "hurt" them. I don't believe the New World Order people are concerned about who gets hurt. But they do want to control us and perhaps even reduce our numbers. How about if we criticize our politicians, are they going to prevent that because someone might hurt them? It doesn't make sense. The "good" intentions of politicians are destroying the nation in the name of political correctness and some hidden agenda. We the people, whether we live in Finland, or Canada, or Mongolia, WE must stand up for our rights, and not let them get trampled by a small minority of aggressive fringe elements. We are even told in the Bible to resist evil and it will flee. We do not always have to "render unto Caesar" when it comes to our freedoms.

    Christians and freedom of speech (funny how these two things go together) are now being persecuted; all religions are acceptable now, except Christianity. Christians in Canada cannot preach what the Bible says about homosexuality for example. They will be thrown in jail. Nobody cares about what Christians think anymore, (nor of freedom of speech) as the world slides slowly downward to chaos. If you throw out Christian ideas, you are in trouble because now you have nothing solid as a foundation to build a life on. Without Christ, there is no freedom for everything is permissible and we become slaves to them. All we have to do is turn on the TV and the evidence is there: we can see the rock stars that children follow doing drugs or going in rehab. This is what our children are following, not Christ. For the sake of the future of our country, this must change.

    You Can't Say that in Canada.

    Lies and half-truths are flying around everywhere - to destroy the hope we have in Jesus, so we will have to depend upon whatever the Globalists want. This is part of their methods of achieving their goal of world domination. They want our youth destroyed. Power is what it is all about - control - of you and me. And it appears that it is working as we can no longer speak freely. In Hitler's Germany they could not speak freely. In USSR they could not speak freely. The Canadian government has decided that freedom of speech is less important than protecting a few gays who should be protected of course, but by common law. Their aim is eventual slavery of you and me, and they are using the protection of everything as excuses for taking away our freedoms bit by bit. So, they are in a position to spread misinformation about Christians (they are bad, hateful) but also about Muslims (they are good: they've gotten a bum rap). Their support of Islam, they believe, will hasten the death of Christianity on the face of the earth. Gays accuse Christians of being intolerant and in particular hateful against them. Well, this is FALSE; Christians in general, hate the sin, but not the sinner. They are putting the blame of being harassed by rednecks on Christians! (So who is being hateful?) These so-called lovers of peace and truth, display major hatred and intolerance toward Christians. When Christians were the dominant force in government, they never made laws to silence those who did not agree with them! But the liberal, anti-Christian politicians of today did. So who is the intolerant party? It is the House of Commons and the Senate of Canada, which went against the wishes of the people. You see, the people resent it whenever they lose ANY freedom, and it is their representatives that are doing it. When will they gather up all the Bibles and burn them? It is the Canadian people who will pay the price in the end for the folly of their government in ways they cannot yet perceive. Let that be a lesson to other countries: don't look to Canada for a model of government. They claim to be tolerant and accuse Christians of being intolerant, but just see how open minded these "tolerant" politicians and University professors are when it comes to allowing Christians to show them the truth - that is when they reveal how truly closed-minded they really are. They have screwed up everything they touch: Multiculturalism, Freedom of Speech, RCMP (our national police - go around killing innocent people with 50,000 volts) - and so on. That is not to say Canada is a bad place to live - it's a great place. But improvements, rollbacks are needed to prevent us from slipping into the abyss.

    Christians also believe that Muslims are pagans, but again we do not hate Muslims, but we do hate this violent religion and we have to expose it for what it is. Violent religion? Oh, oh, here we go again. It is my freedom to say Islam is a violent religion based on, not my opinion, but their Qur'an! How dare you say such a thing about a peaceful Muslim people? Yes, there are peaceful Muslims. (that prefer to block out the commandments to Jihad) Islam means "submission" not "peace" - it is not peaceful, and we have plenty of proof from Muslim texts to make that conclusive. Whether you believe one way or another is important, but whether you care, is up to you. We will give you the proof later in another section. All we want is the truth of Christ to be reinstated, in order for our society which is spinning out of control to get back on track. The attacks against Christians are also manifest in the government's alliances with pagan religions, through increased immigration to water down our heritage and create a new "better" society. We believe that they are leading us to the destruction of our way of life. Invitation for Muslims to immigrate has that goal, and they believe they will help to finally silence the evangelicals who have had their say for too long. Oh, they fume with hatred for Christians, and these are the very people who call Christians hateful. Well, there is no evidence that their plan is succeeding in creating a better society. But there is lots of proof it is failing. This is evidenced by our lost youth that are grasping at among other things, drugs. Crime is out of control - there is no room in the jails and the criminals are released back into society. Our medical system is failing. Kids are emulating their rock star idols instead of Christ, and are in and out of rehab or ending up dead. We have created a generation of lost youth. Isn't it time to get back on the path?

    I have heard anti-Christian propaganda about how violent religion Christianity is. Let's find out what religion is the real violent religion. Has true Christianity really caused all the wars in the past as my friends always claim? I don't mean the politicized Christianity such as the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages - that had little to do with Christ's teachings. No. Christ taught peace, but as the early church began to get involved in politics (Rome) it actually joined in to use force in conquest and converting pagans and collecting money. The Roman church became (like the Inquisition) an evil instrument in those dark times, which survived up to the Dark Ages, and beyond - but it was not the same church Jesus established. It went totally against Christ's teachings; so anyone using force was not one of Christ's followers, for Jesus said to the very last "put away your sword." (When Peter was trying to defend Jesus) Does that sound like an intolerant, violent teaching? No!

    However, this concept is not true in Islam: they are commanded by Muhammad to use violence, which they vehemently, and even violently, deny. They point to Muhammad's peaceful statements, but hide the real truth, that he abrogated the command that there is no compulsion in religion. Muslims use the earlier verses to "prove" Islam is peaceful, the ones he abrogated. This is their dishonesty in dealing with the West, their lies which are sanctioned in the Qur'an because it promotes Islam. Why do you think there is so much Muslim violence? When they blow up innocent people, they blame the victims, us infidels in the Western World, with our freedoms. So what is their beef that we could fix by mutual understanding and dialog? We could get them to stop hurting us if we changed to comply with their religion: 1) Give up our democracy and invite Muslims into our government and bring in Sharia Law, a sadistic Muslim Law that allows cutting off hands and feet, and place women under the control of men etc. 2) Cover our women when in public. 3) Various other demands based on their religion such as polygamy and marrying children.

    When Muhammad won many battles, suddenly there was compulsion: convert or die. He was a war lord who went on over one hundred raids and wars, and personally decapitated hundreds of Jews who surrendered although they were promised protection. Treachery! Muslim soldiers share in booty and women, whom they raped repeatedly using coitus interuptus. When warriors go to Muslim heaven, they are promised lots of sex and wine. Now this was designed to get the young men to be fierce in warfare. They have been deceived, for their only reward will be destruction. Christians, like Christ, do not condemn, but be light bearers, to show the right way. One lie we are told by Muslims is that there is no compulsion is Islam. This is because Muslims believe everyone is given a choice: convert or die. No compulsion! Muslims Winning in the World.

    Why do Muslims behave the way they do around the world? Why are Muslim countries totalitarian? Why do they hide their women? All these and many more questions you may have can be answered simply. Their god is not the same as our Christian God. Simply put, but there is more to it than that: their god can do anything including lie; our God is bound by constraints: He cannot lie, He is Love. Our God's character is different. The two gods are not the same. Our God still heal the sick, still forgives sins, still wants us to come back to Him, even the Muslims. As proof, He shows His power by miracles and wonders. So, with all the proof right in front of you, as requested, why are so many still holding back from God?

    A real Christian believes that prayer changes things, but does not pray to dead created beings, or Saints, hoping they will pass on the request to God, nor do they believe that you can pray to get friends and relatives out of limbo (purgatory). God does not have a secretary screening his calls. A Christian goes boldly directly to the top, as per the command in the Bible. To do otherwise negates what Jesus did: open the door past the priest, straight to his throne. Which Bible is the word of God? Well, some believe the King James version is. Should every person in the world learn English in order to get the word of God? I don't believe this is the case. Therefore most versions written before WWII will do. It is mainly after WWII that the new, politically correct, versions were written, removing the politically incorrect stuff. And, after the removal of prayers from schools, our children have started to become Liberal atheists, similar to the Communists in USSR - and we know what the results were there. Their society fell apart. But more importantly, the move away from God in every arena of life including the military has dire consequences: losing every major war except maybe the Gulf War, which the American forces never really finished, because Saddam Hussein, the man US installed there, remained in power. God's blessings are bestowed upon a people who appreciate and honor God's providential hand in history.

    Martin Luther's interpretation of the Bible was dangerous to the power of the church, and indeed the Lutheran Church has little or no power with respect to individual salvation, and therefore control over people. Other religions tie people to the church, and thereby the organization gains power over the people. The Christian God meant all mankind to be free to worship Him as He intended: by their own free will. Every person, whether they be trying to increase Islam, Christianity or whatever, who do it by force are not sent by God, but by the adversary. So if it is imperative you go to Mass or Mosque for prayers or forgiveness or whatever, and you go through various rituals or traditions, the church or mosque gains power over you, and this is the intention. The teachers gain power over the people's minds, being able to incite them to do whatever they want. This can be dangerous in wartime, for we cannot always know what is being taught.

    One troubling difference in the Muslim god is his willingness to allow lying under certain circumstances. I do not know of a Christian teaching that allows that. This means that the gods are not the same. Sami Zaatari says that Muslims can lie during battle, making peace between people, and between husband and wife. So, the husband comes home late, having spent the night with another woman. The wife asks him where he has been all night. He says he had to work late. Is he going against Islam? Not according to Zaatari. How about the young man who feels his friends are attacking his religion? Now he feels he is fighting for Allah. He lies about his religion. He says Muhammad never went to war. He is within his rights as a Muslim, for they can determine for themselves what is "battle." These ideas have gained momentum in United States and Canada, as Arabia continues to fund campus Muslim groups with millions of our oil money. Our Christian students are fighting back with their own campus prayer groups.
    The Christian Bible has a few things to say about what happens to these liars. "But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whore mongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death." Rev. 21:8 These will not have part in the tree of life, and may not enter through the gates into the city. (New Jerusalem) That pretty much prevents Muslims from their salvation according to the Bible. Since Muslims have physical, some man-made, objects that they rally towards, these can be construed as idols, and they are located in Makkah. Pictures and statues of Mary and other Saints can also be construed as idols. Yes, there are arguments for and against, but God has the last say, and He doesn't play with semantics.

    The Christians of Finland

    According to Pastor Daniel Erlander, the cross where Jesus suffered and died is seen as a symbol of the point at which God meets man, which transcends the power of logic. We cannot find God by our own works, but by seeking Him in humility and, in our helplessness, God's grace and love finds us. In fact the Bible says that all our righteousness is like filthy rags - not honored by God, because he knows you are not what you appear to be, but a sinner.

    As a result of honoring God, (like George Washington, right) Finns have become among the most free and prosperous people in the world. No other path can say that their society is as free and prosperous as those that Washington follow Jesus Christ as stated above and described below in greater detail. With the observed standard of living also comes a challenge to retain the foundations that produced it: the teachings of Jesus Christ, the savior of the world, whose finished work was not to be added to. But, a few centuries after Christ came what was claimed to be an addition and in some cases repudiations of Biblical truths - a negation of the greatest commandment Jesus gave: that we love one another. This new teaching was of the moon and sword.

      Finland as a nation has benefited greatly from their trust in the Christian concept of a loving, caring God, especially during the dark days of Revolution and the Second World War.

      In the Lutheran religion, the Bible is always the ultimate authority, and no person or society has the sole right to interpret its meaning, nor to judge other people.

      The Karelian people of Russia, (who speak a dialect of Finnish) have almost lost their language under Communism. Today the people of Karelia, now mixed with ethnic Russians, are turning back to Christ after living under Atheism for seventy years. They have seen the fruits of a Godless system.

      The problem was not a faulty system which, if fixed, would result in the perfect society, as many still believe. The problem was their atheism. The Russian government has finally admitted that Atheism did not perfect human nature, nor did it protect human rights and freedom. Marxism has proclaimed that religion is the people's drug. Would you rather have your kids on Jesus or booze and drugs?

      Soviets turned "liberated" Finnish Churches into theaters in 1940. The picture above is of the Finnish Lutheran church in Impilahti, which was taken back for 3 years in 1941. This picture is from my father's, wartime collection when he was in the Finnish Army in the Continuation War 1941-44. This and other pictures from the front may have been taken by my father, but there were quiet a few that were distributed amongst the men, as some pictures in my possession have turned up elsewhere.

      To protect future generations from destruction, the Russian government gave the people back their freedom of religion - the very thing most Americans are against these days, especially Christianity. Then, the Russian Orthodox Church claimed to have sole rights to the Russian people. And the government got involved. There is no separation of Church and State in Russia. Like the Czars, Russian government now wants to recognize only their "Russian" religion, and they have begun to supress all other religions at the request of the Russian Orthodox Church. Religion has become a tool of nationalism in Russia as in centuries past.

      Finnish House Society in Vancouver, helps to maintain Finnish culture in Canada, which is where the writer lives. "The culture of a people is not only literature, music, songs, poems and art, but also includes its customs, traditions, spiritual values and religion. As a strong faith in God and His provision has been the basis for strength and high moral standards in the homeland during wars and great difficulties as well as in peace, so also it should be here in our chosen new homeland, among other religions and people." From Finnish House Society constitution.

      Lars-Levi Lestadius

      YTM (MA in Social Sciences) Jarmo Ryyti, of the University of Jyväskylä, Finland explains the historical role of a religion that arose in the North in the 19th Century. Here are his comments about Lestadius (Lestadiolaiset).

      "The Lestadians are followers of a religious movement established by Lars Levi Lestadius, who was a Swedish-Saami. He lived in the 19th century, and was a multitalented polyglot. He was proficient in three Saami dialects and in Finnish, Latin and Swedish. He is best known as a religious leader, but he also is a known ethnologist and botanist.

      Lestadius preached in Finnish and in Saami, which was part of his movement. The language of people was used instead of the administrative language of Church of Sweden. The church of Sweden was an important tool of Swedish imperialism and colonialism, but L.L.Lestadius changed all that by preaching boldly in Finnish and in Saami. It was sensational and provocative. Therefore L.L.Lestadius was also hated among the nomenklatura of the Church of Sweden and he got a lot of enemies.

      Thanks to Lestadius, Finnish survived as a kind of a underground language in Northern Sweden and Northern Norway until these days. The Swedish and Norwegian administration tried to uproot Finnish and Saami speaking culture by all means but they could not prevent people to talk with God Finnish and Saami. And L.L.L. gave courage to them to do so.
      In 1958,The Swedish School Administration repealed directives banning the speaking of Finnish language in Sweden's schools. However, some municipalities maintained restrictions until 1968."

      Statistics of Churches and Religions in Finland

      Lutherans 4,300,000 86%

      Orthodox 57,000 1%
      Pentecostals 50,000 1%
      Members of Finnish Free Church 13,000
      Roman Catholics 5,000
      Adventists 5,000
      Baptists 2,500
      Methodists 1,300
      Anglicans-Episcopalians 100
      Members of other Christian churches 1,000
      Jehovah's Witnesses 17,000
      Muslims 15,000 - 20,000 (2000)
      Mormons 4,000
      Jews 1,300
      Non-affliated 500,000 10%
      Some who follow old pagan religion

      Martin Luther (1483 - 1546) - German Reformation Leader

      "The Just Shall Live by Faith Alone"

      Martin Luther was German Augustinian friar who put Christianity back on the right path. When he visited Rome in 1510, he was shocked by the worldliness of the papal court. Further payment was demanded by Rome, after Christ had already paid for the sins of the world! This was not what the inspired writings in the Bible taught. He believed that salvation, as taught in the Bible, was from the unmerited grace of God available through faith alone, not something that Rome gave for money or no money. He also denied, as per the Bible, special spiritual authority of priests and the final authority of the Pope to interpret the Bible. He showed that the Bible declares the priesthood of all believers, with Jesus as head, not the Pope. He changed the course of history when he exposed Rome's corruption, and smashed the shackles that bound millions of ordinary people to Rome's whims.
      Martin Luther showed the people that the Bible does not require from them anything else but faith in Jesus, that you could not buy favors from God, and that according to the Bible, Jesus paid the price in full, period. There was no need to bow down before any image, regardless of reason. In fact worship of images is expressly forbidden by God. When Christianity was withdrawing from its Jewishness, it moved towards the paganistic veneration, bowing down to images, as in the image of Caesar. Veneration of icons, or images amounts to the same thing, and is forbidden. Changing "worship" to "venerate" is playing with words - with many believing everything is OK; it is not. Churches do not have the authority to override God's commandments by semantic manipulations. (When you bow down before an image, you are saying that you are less than that image, which is false. You are less than Jesus and God who authorize no images, and equal to other humans alive or dead. To say that images of Mary and Jesus factually represent them is not correct, and neither are the images authorized by them. If you were to put a picture of me on the internet without asking my permission, I would be very angry, wouldn't you? Similarly, God commands that we shouldn't make images - are we to contradict Him? Furthermore, we cannot say if they are more holy than the next person, only God can, for He knows what they really did and believed in their lives. And, the Bible says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. So why pray to a sinner, why not go to the sinless one as the Bible commands. Who knows, some people may have been praying to a worse sinner than themselves. He explained that all God wanted was for the world to accept what Jesus did for them, and they would be saved from their sins and set free. For the wages of sin is death, in the eyes of God. He taught that if Jesus hadn't paid the sin debt we owed with his blood for mankind, eternal life would not be possible. He taught that anyone could ask for salvation at any time, and they would have it right then in a split second. If they should die before baptism, they would still go to heaven by Jesus' grace, by which we are saved. This made Rome, which wanted people to believe salvation was dispensed by the church, angry and Martin Luther narrowly escaped execution.

      Martin Luther also showed that Bible truths are still true in German or any other language, and Latin does not have a monopoly on the teachings of Christ, which was the position of the Pope. Can you believe that most people did not understand the sermons, which was fine by the Pope? This explains why Orthodox Churches and Catholic Churches have so many pictures and statues. Worship of these is considered to be part of the religion, although people who read the bible often refuse. Jesus did not worship images, nor did the apostoles. Sometimes God was not even mentioned in prayers when contacting spirits of dead Christians.

      Has any person since Christ ever been really "holy?" Depends what we mean by holy. If you mean without sin, the answer must be "no" because the Bible clearly states: "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Also, we hardly get through a day without some slip or "sin" because we are human and have to fight our inner tendency all the time. So we should be careful in giving the title "holy" to any person if we mean that person is sinless, or perfect. We have a bad day and no matter how hard we try, we might unjustly say or do something to our loved ones; it is normal and just a part of being human. Holy can mean making a promise to God and keeping it, but the only sinless person on earth was Jesus. When we bestow such a title, we are judging that person to be of high quality. But we are told not to judge, lest we be judged (by the same criteria). People can also prophecy, and we can learn from them, but still they are not sinless. A prophet is one who predicts something, and most so-called prophets today have proven to be false prophets, just as predicted in the Bible. These false prophets will be banished to the pit.

      If Muhammed had predicted future events he would certainly, by definition, be a prophet. He was a brilliant general whose conquests became widely known, but he did not predict events, and therefore we do not have much proof of his prophecy. Our God commands us not to kill, but Muhammad went out several dozen times to kill, rape and steal. He also made some statements which are very strange, unlike the God of the Bible: Satan lives in the nose during the night, he split the moon in half, the sun goes down beneath a muddy pond during the night, Muslims have one intestine, non-Muslims have seven, Jews turn into rats, monkeys and pigs, and so forth; the Koran is nothing more than "lovely stories" and fables, just as Muhammad said they are. He was an epileptic and got all that stuff while he was having a fit, (Supposedly from angel Gabriel, (?) but the prophets of the Bible always got it straight from the source.) when they threw a sheet over him. He was called the "sheeted one." He thought he was possessed by demons, and contemplated taking his own life. He is supposed to be a real prophet because he has a big hairy mole on his shoulder called the seal of prophethood. He hates dogs and told people to kill them all...This doesn't sound like the God we know; He doesn't hate dogs, pigs or anything else He created. When he created the world and all its creatures, He called it GOOD. So why would he want to do away with his own good works?

      Thus the God of Islam is not the same as the God of the Bible, nowhere near it. If this is the case, then who is this Allah and where did he come from. There is no explanation in the Qur'an. But history says that Allah was originally the Arab moon god, despite what Allah is today supposedly i.e. The Creator God. The Bible prophets actually predicted future events accurately, we know that because all the Old Testament prophecies have come or are coming to pass. Prophets are sinners too, so we should not worship them on the same level as God. E.G. White is a prophet of Seventh Day Adventists. She predicted the end of the world. Her prophecies did not come to pass, so she is not a prophet. The Bible also asks us not to call any man on earth "father" because we only have one father and he is in heaven. This is how I interpret the Bible and religions claiming to be on par with the Christian God, but fall short by a long, long way - not even close.

      The early church was few in number, without wealth, position, or honorary titles, but they were a terror to evil-doers wherever their character and doctrines were known. This is primarily because they adhered to the Word of God as it is taught in the Bible. They were, like Jesus, a constant rebuke to the evil and self-righteousness all around them. And, like Jesus, they suffered for it. Hatred, opposition, and death always came from those who loved and followed the ways of evil. The evil done in the name of the teachings of Jesus, has been attributed to Jesus rather than the evil men - thus continuing the false accusations he was crucified for in the first place.
      In the sixth century, the papacy had become firmly established and the head was established in the Imperial City, and the Bishop of Rome was declared to be the head of the entire church.

      Power corrupts, and the church slowly fell victim to it - the evil deeds were confessed to by the Pope in the first months of the new millennium. The Catholic Church became apostate. (Catholic Church goes to confession) Control of millions, wealth and power became a church goal, and pagan rituals became part of the church operation. After celibacy of priests was invented, the church decided to make Mary a virgin in perpetuity, and Jesus the only child of Mary and Joseph. Pergatory and all kinds of church inventions were designed to get money from the people. Jesus did not tell the thief beside him on the cross "see you in pergatory" but "I say to you this day you will be with me in paradise." This statement is disputed by many, who want to place a comma after day. In the original Greek there were no commas. This has a lot to do with where we believe the thief went immediately after death: to paradise or to sleep. Can you see why there are so many sects in Christianity? The Thief on the Cross
      Despite this, there are millions of people in the Catholic Church who believe basically what Protestants believe about who Jesus is, (Jesus is Lord and Savior, equated with God, not just a prophet) and what He did for them, and therefore they are the same in spirit. Jesus' grace is sufficient for salvation, and no man needs to lead us to His grace, we can do this ourselves. Some people think we are saved by following the traditions of the church, or by the prayers of the priests. This is not what the Bible teaches.

      Martin Luther, the man of God, was to become an old intolerant anti-semite, and therefore some of his teachings as he aged were anathema to what the Bible teaches. Taken literally, they would constitute religious persecution of the worst kind by today's standard. This is why a Christian follows the Bible, rather than the teachings of men. Fortunately Finnish Lutherans did not subscribe to antisemitism and Finland was safe for Jews during the WWII.

      The Fundamental tenets of the Christian faith are based on the Bible:

      1) The Ten Commandments (Law of Moses): (briefly)
      • You shall have no other gods besides Me.
      • You shall not make for yourself an idol
      • You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
      • Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy.
      • Honor your father and your mother.
      • You shall not murder.
      • You shall not commit adultery.
      • You shall not steal.
      • you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
      • You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.
        The Ten Commandments

      2) The Ten Commandments Were given to Moses (The Old Covenant. Christians are under the New Covenant of Jesus.
      3) The Lord's Prayer:
        Our Father, who art in heaven,
        hallowed be thy name,
        thy kingdom come,
        thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
        Give us this day our daily bread;
        and forgive us our trespasses,
        as we forgive those who trespass against us;
        and lead us not into temptation,
        but deliver us from evil.
        For thine is the kingdom,
        and the power, and the glory,
        forever and ever, Amen.

    The Prayer of Faith that heals you today

    Holy Spirit, come! Bring your healing power that raised Jesus from the dead. Touch this one whom you love with your healing power. Go deep, Lord, and touch the very root of this problem for which we are praying. Power, come! Show your love with your healing touch that your name will be glorified in the earth. Give your child the gift of faith that is sufficient. Please remind your child of anyone who may need to be forgiven even his/her self if necessary, so that mercy and grace is released. I command every grip or grasp of the evil one from this body, and I command every evil prognosis nullified and void by the power and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who came in the flesh. Lord, discharge your healing angels to remove anything that is diseased or not functioning according to your Kingdom purposes. In your heavenly Kingdom, where your child has his/her true citizenship there is no disease, no disorders, no inflammations, infections, no degeneration, or other conditions that would require healing. So, gracious, Father, Your Kingdom come now! Your will be done now in this body, soul, and spirit as it is in heaven. Give your child the bread of heaven this day for Your Namesake. By Jesus' stripes receive your healing!!! Thank you, Father for Your kind heart for your children. Thanks you for Your kingdom rule and reign on this earth and for Your mercy and grace. Thank You for Your incredible kindness, and goodness, and Your faithfulness. Thank You, Jesus for Your stripes that we may be healed. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen!

    Every year a certain University professor had the habit of asking if anyone in the class believed in God. He would use a little demonstration to prove his point. He would ask "Is there anyone here who believes that if I drop this glass on the ground, any power in heaven could prevent it from breaking?" His experiment went unchallenged for many years. One day a fellow, a new Christian who thought God could do anything decided to put up his hand. "I do," he said. The professor was astonished. "Go ahead and pray then" said the professor. The boy prayed. "Are you through?" "Yes," said the boy. "Well I am going to demonstrate to the class how stupid prayer is - it's totally useless." He dropped the glass. The glass fell, down it went...and hit his shoe, then bounced harmlessly onto the floor, totally intact. The professor never used that demonstration again.
    Editorials and Links (Page 2)

    4) Apostles' Creed:
      I believe in God, the Father almighty,
      creator of heaven and earth.
      I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord.
      He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit
      and born of the virgin Mary.
      He suffered under Pontius Pilate,
      was crucified, died, and was buried.
      He descended into hell.
      On the third day he rose again.
      He ascended into heaven,
      and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
      He will come again to judge the living and the dead.
      I believe in the Holy Spirit,
      the holy universal Church,
      the communion of saints, (believers)
      the forgiveness of sins,
      the resurrection of the body,
      and the life everlasting, Amen.

      Children are taught in schools not to believe in God. I thought that religion and state were supposed to be separated by law. So why are they teaching people about God? You may say that they aren't doing that. Bult they are! When you say that life began by itself without proof, i.e. creating it in the laboratory, you are in fact teaching your view of Creation. Never has science shown by what means life on earth began - not even close. Darwin thought life could begin spontaneously, just like (snapping fingers). He did not know how complex it was. Science has done that, but continues to insist that it can appear by itself and this is a lie taught in our schools, and is not science, but religion. They want their point of view (lies that the government wants to inject into every child) taught to the children, not the parents'. For what reason? They are working for the government, whose agenda is to create a "One World Government." How does education fit in with this? Well, you cannot teach people the truth if you are planning to control them totally. You see, as Jesus said, "The Truth Shall Make You Free." This is bad news for the government. Christian teachings go contrary to what the government is building NOW! I like Obama, but he has been proven to be working for the forces building the New World System. He says whatever anyone wants to hear. To get elected, he claimed to be a Christian. After he was elected, he made a statement that he was indeed, a Muslim. Whether he was one or the other isn't important. He might not be either. But he says what is expedient at the moment, to achieve the immediate goal. He is working for the big corporations, and that is bad news for you, because their goals are to kill you with their poisons. One of these is Cyanide, or various forms of it hidden in your food supply and vaccines. It works slowly to produce Cancer and other diseases. One form of this poison is Acrylamide, which is now in most foods, and is put there by Monsanto, in the fertilizer and other methods. The way they plan to kill you is through Air, Food and Water. Watch out for these. GMO is wrecking your food supply, they are not safe. Vaccines are creating barren girls and autistic children among other diseases. Do not trust the food and drug monitoring agencies, they are working for the enemy. Just be careful and live.

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      What the Bible says about False Prophets.
      What the Bible says about The battle is between principalities: good and evil.

      It's true: Evolution Makes No sense.
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