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There may be very good reasons why you should own a real Finnish sauna. Find a sauna heater here and get busy. Build a sauna!
Heat-Storing Saunatonttu Heater Heat-Storing Saunatonttu Heater

The Saunatonttu: Unique European Deasign And Outstanding Features And Benefits- Super insulated to keep rocks "always hot, always ready" Very low surface temperatures Includes child safety lock on lid Reduced safety clearances gives flexibility in sauna design Patented lid switch, allowing the booster element to come on when the lid is opened and to go off when the lid is closed Dimunitive, hand-held control panel for easy in-sauna strength Fiber optic light inside the compartment creates an atmosphere similar to glowing embers Contemporary design with curved front, circular top and optical metal or wooden rail- the Saunatonttu will enhance the looks of any sauna Backside is square to allow installation into a sauna corner Can also be installed in front of windows, or even in the center of a sauna. In these installations, optional T&G backside panels are available Dimensions: 19-3/4"W x 19-3/4"D x 43"H Low wattage range ("always on" mode): 100W Booster element power range: 2.4 kW For saunas from 100 cu. ft. to 425 cu. ft.

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