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"Islam, the peaceful religion"

From Islamic Countries: email comments
The meteoric rise and spread of Islam, and along with it the radical elements, is likely to have a major impact on countries around the world. Is there a "clear and present danger to the peace of the world" from Islam as Dr. Robert A. Morey warns? This page is NOT about Arab bashing or Islam bashing. This not a hate site, but a love site. We love Muslims, it just so happens we don't agree with some of their teachings. So you can calm down. It is solely for ascertaining whether there is a threat from Islam, period, and with valid reasons. Four things prompted me to comment on Islam: 1) 9/11 was an attack on every nation including Finland: by Muslims, 2) Increase in Muslim immigration to Finland, 3) Murders of Christians by Muslim mobs in Southeast Asia 4) Muslim proselytizing for converts globally. I wanted to know why the violence? Dr. Morey was threatened with, "Islam is a peaceful religion, we will kill you." He has an ongoing debate with the Muslim community and although it is very interesting, all I want to know is whether they teach peace or violence. That is very simple and there should be no argument about such a simple question. All I want is the truth.

The mere discussion of this subject brings knee-jerk responses in Finland amongst the liberal media, censure and accusations of Muslim bashing. It is not the fault of writers that one group of Muslims has brought their religion to the world's attention. Now people want answers. They are afraid. And of course we are told that Islam means peace. Flags went up right there, when I learned that the word Islam does not mean peace, but submission. We are not to question.

The early months of 9/11 were filled with conflicting information. As a result people are totally confused about it, and most are tired of the subject. Reporters who knew little about Islam were writing that Islam is no different from Christianity. To them, all religions are the same I guess - nonsense.

I decided to find out for myself, trying to be objective and let you the reader decide for yourself. I already have a reputation for saying what I think so this will not come as a shock to some of you. I think people are getting so sick of the white washing, nice liberal fairy tales, sugar coatings and even lies, but also the bashing. We are supposed to be civilized and discuss things, not start throwing insults. Anyone doing that immediately loses credibility and the argument. So I'll leave the mocking to the professionals and hope that I don't insult anybody in my quest for knowledge.

In the first millennium the Finns were known for their ability to sound the alarm at the approach of an enemy, and organize a response. Shoreline fires were lit atop hills or mounds (vaara, which means danger) and the fires carried the message hundreds of miles and within hours the entire Finnish realm was aware of the danger. Today, these same guardians of Finland are at work, ready to sound the alarm as the government sleeps. Pearl Harbour is a good example of a government sleeping while the enemy has prepared for war. Today the enemy does not have to do a frontal attack, many flanking moves can be even more devastating. He can spread out behind the lines, making it almost impossible to identify combatants. There has been an alarm, but is it a false one? Whichever it is, nobody is paying much attention. It is nothing more than "hu-hu" as someone in the Finnish media (Vapaa Sana) told me. They see the smoke of the fires, but think it must be from the neighbor's barbeque. I did not know if the alarms were false or not, so I have started to trek towards the first fire to see what the problem is.

Finland has a strong cultural tradition against criticizing other cultures except perhaps occasionally Russians, who have aggressed on the Finns for a thousand years. We aren't supposed to discuss these subjects frankly so very few people have an objective opinion. I feel it is important to open avenues for discussion rather than shutting them down. People have a lot of questions about what Islam stands for and who are we to deny them this information, especially if it concerns their security. Let's find out what the Koran really says about everything: war, peace, love, hate, Jesus, Jews...world conquest, whatever can shed some light on Islam as it relates to observed violence.

Had it not been for those terrible moments in New York, Islam would not have stirred much attention, except for ongoing violence against Christians far away from Finland. There may not be any connection between Muslims in Finland and Muslims elsewhere but only a fool says arrogantly "it can't happen here because we are above that sort of thing." I doubt if anyone could disagree with trying to understand a religion and trying to ferrit out truth honestly. No blasphemy is intended in this quest for knowledge. Having stated my reasons for delving into this subject sincerely, here are some of my observations and thoughts.

Emigrating Muslims, it is presumed, are escaping repressive, violent, Islamic regimes. This begs the question: "why are Islamic nations so violent and repressive?" Why would they want to leave a system that conforms to their beliefs into the land of infidels? They are fleeing in droves. Islam, from what I understand and what has been stated by clerics, is supposed to be a peaceful religion, one that will herald in peace on earth. To achieve this goal, Muslims are spreading out around the world. But which Islamic state is the peaceful model for this future peaceful Islamic world? I don't really think that the kind of peace created by repression is what we are looking for. (Besides I love cats and dogs, and don't want to see them all killed as in they did in Iran.) So it is cognitively dissonant indeed to see the gap between what we are told and what we observe around the world, not necessarily in the little corner of the world we call Finland. The search for answers to this problem continues. Of course we must give the benefit to the doubt and our Christian charity to Muslims. We have a great opportunity to minister to Muslims and we should do it because it can't be done in their home countries under the penalty of death to both parties. (A peaceful religion?) Those Christians who have not bothered to share the love of Christ, but only criticize Islam, are on shaky ground. Dr. Morey, has indeed criticized, but I heard him tell Christians to go out and invite their Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, etc. friends to meetings. He says many have turned away from Islam when they see the truth, especially about the violence. Lasting peace depends on the battle of ideas: hate versus love, violence versus peace, ignorance versus knowledge, repression versus freedom...The only way we can ensure peace is by spreading love not war. World peace will not come by the sword of Allah, but by the love of Christ.

What must Christians do to prevent the looming disaster? I realize that most Muslims choose to be peaceful, and this is a wonderful thing. We must show Muslims the meaning of Christian love by our actions, (which most western countries are doing by welcoming Muslim immigrants) to show that God would not want any of His children harmed. Christ did not come to convert people by the sword, as Mohammed, but to change hearts by His love? This message is for those Muslims who believe they must retaliate against preceived wrongs in the house that has given him shelter, to turn him away from hate, toward the God of love. Christians care about Muslims. Yes God is great, but He is loving and merciful too, and woe unto any person who takes the law into his own hands. God can do his own punishing, He is all powerful. Muslims admit this. Thus God did not need Jesus to die for our sins. Using the same argument, God could kill anyone in a split second. He does not need anyone to do his dirty work. And if God does not like some body part, He would remove it himself.

The Bible says "ye shall know them by their fruits." What are the objective world results of Islam? On TV we see backward people, enslaved women, men beating up women, circumcizing them, fanatical governments. Are these the fruits of Islam, or are these pictures just propaganda? Which is more powerful, love or violence? If you know the answer to that, you will know who wins in the end.

Is the war against the west by Islam because of something bad the west has done, or is that just a pretext for hate and war against infidels? Are the Western democracies guilty of harming Muslims and if so how? Does Muslim violence come from the minds of sick individuals, or from their "manual?" Probably the biggest problem is the lack of ministering to Muslims. The great opportunity for Americans to teach Christian ethics has been missed.

Many western countries are in denial about this whole violence thing and will not look at evidence. When New York was attacked, Muslims in United States were split. Some believed that this was devine retribution, while others condemned the acts. Are Muslims justified in what some believe is "fighting back" against innocent people? Could Muslims anywhere begin to "fight back?" Is appeasement the answer to pacifying the radical elements? Perhaps Christian leaders should show their love and invite them to learn about Christ. They complain that we knock their religion but don't ever invite them to learn about Jesus. How many more hundred years will the war between Christians and Muslims continue? These are questions most people are interested in and therefore they need answers. There is no reason why everyone could not live together peacefully but that does not appear to be in the cards yet. Muslim fanatics have at least 20 dirty bombs that they plan to explode when the signal is given. At the present at least, we are at war.

The violence has to stop now; the world cannot tolerate it any longer. People of all religions should unite against violence. I don't see Christians, Jews and Muslims sitting down in solidarity against violence after 9/11. We as a species are supposed to be evolving better, more peaceful social systems. Instead we are drawn repeatedly into conflicts, if not politically motivated, then religious. One thing is certain, Islamic violence is on the increase, and we ignore that trend at our peril. Is human nature bent on self-destruction that it must periodically, after long periods of peace, rise up and fight for which ideas survive and which die? From my position, the author of conflict is the evil one, and the only solution is the Prince of Peace. He says, "don't turn the other cheek, retaliate, or, kill those people, they're evil." The mistake we as humans make repeatedly is to think that the other guy is controlled by evil while we have God on our side.

Every source of conflict has a guide book. Hitler had Mein Kampf. The Communists had Das Kapital. The Muslim terrorists have the Koran and Hadith, and the warrior prophet Mohammed. In most guide books, there are a lot of good ideas, but there is also a dark side. If the Koran and Hadith contain some teachings that incite people to kill, what can we expect but violence? We can be thankful for all those Muslims whose hearts contain only good, and who reject violent teachings of their religion. I hope these are the future leaders of Islam.

Though there has been a sharp increase in Muslims in Finland which is why it caught our attention, problems are said to be "minimal" (depends who you ask) and most become very good citizens. Somalis, however, do have a higher crime rate for whatever reasons in Finland, and there have even been race riots.

Do Muslims arrive in Finland and just keep to themselves, or are they trying to spread the religion? I checked this point on the Internet and found that indeed they are actively looking for converts.
Post-Christian, post WWII, era Finns may very well be open to proselytizing (Fin.), which is illegal in countries such as Greece. The web site asks: "What is preventing you from converting to Islam? Every child is born a Muslim. Jesus did not die for our sins, an imposter took his place." This is a denial of everything Jesus came to earth to accomplish, i.e. redemption of mankind from sin by taking our place in death, the punishment for sin. Christians already have a peaceful religion, there is no need to convert to one appears to be violent. The Muslims are trying to get converts, as the above site confirms, but view with suspicion Christian missionaries, which explains why so many of them have been killed. This site condems what is called Muslim bashing, while I fail to see how this page is not Christian bashing, ("cheap polemic is coming from these Holy Spirit-inspired Christians") a hate site. I have never used this kind of language to describe Islam; I try to treat it with respect.

The socialist liberals have been continuing their attack on Christianity begun after WWII and watering down is part of the stragedy. This partly explains why countries such as United States and Finland welcome Muslims. As far fetched as it may seem, there does appear to be a pro-Muslim/anti-Christian connection at least in the United States, which is espoused by several scholars, for example Dr. Robert A. Morey, a Ph.D. in Islamic studies. His life has been threatened, and the FBI have told him to wear a bullet proof vest. Muslims want to shut him up...permanently.

The experience of most people, Finns included, is that Muslims are very nice, friendly, peaceful people. This is proof of their nonviolent religion. (Our own experience is that although Muslims are friendly, they do not associate with non-Muslims as equals because for one thing, they are forbidden from so many things. When invited for tea, they say they can't drink our tea, or eat our food. That is our experience.) On the other hand Muslims are slaughtering Christians on the other side of the world. In order to form an opinion of the religion, we must reconcile the two.

In conclusion, I believe Islam has two facets, making it hard to generalize about the conduct of followers of Islam around the world. If you say Islam means peace, you are right. If you say Islam means war, you are right. You can say many things, and all could be absolutely right, but not the whole truth - a big difference. Perhaps it stems from the Hadith and Koran which preaches peace in Mohammed's earlier words, but becomes progressively more militant. Which words are heeded determines action. Some will choose peace, while others become Mohammed's warriors.

It was extremely difficult to keep an open mind in doing my research. Time and again disturbing passages popped out of the Koran, concerning other religions and the use of violence, which civilized people must deplore. Nevertheless, it is not my duty to come up with conclusions here; each one of us has to come to our own conclusions after looking at all the facts. We cannot extrapolate from a few acquaintances, our local or some remote Muslim community either.

The truth about Islam will come out in the end, and anyway I believe "good people" will not follow "bad" teachings. What that says about the mobs in Indonesia, I'm not sure. What about Dr. Robert A. Morey's warning? Can we afford to dismiss it as nonsense? To take a position one way or another in this page about Finland, is not warranted. All I can tell you is the results of my preliminary research and I welcome you to do your own and come to your own conclusions and then criticize. If you want more information about Islam, search
Google. There was no shortage of pages with both extremes of viewpoints. Many of them pointed out parts of the Koran that were so disturbing that I decided to omit them from the links. Here are a few pages, including opposite perspectives - our free system in action:

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